Maximize the Performance of the Sony FS700


The Sony FS700 RAW recording option will deBayer the RAW data and convert it to a 1920x1080 video signal for viewing on the Odyssey7Q’s OLED panel as well as output over the Odyssey7Q’s SDI and HDMI ports. The Odyssey7Q will also playback recorded Sony FS700 RAW files, and allow switching between Sony S-log2, REC709 and REC709 (800%) images.

The Sony FS700R (and modified Version 3) cameras can output Sony RAW in 4096x2160 (4K) or 2048x1080 (2K). Frame rates in 4K are up to 60p and in 2K up to 240p. There is also burst mode to allow brief 4K shooting at up to 120p. Sony RAW is recorded by the Odyssey7Q in 12-bit .DNG files and is readable in any post program capable of reading Cinema DNG files.

The Sony FS700 RAW record option also features a unique “4K2HD” mode. A 4K RAW data signal is deBayered and converted to 4K video, then super-sampled to a high quality HD video signal, which is then recorded as Apple ProRes 422(HQ) in HD up to 30p.
Future updates will enable recording in compressed 4:4:4 HD video, compressed 4K video. amd enable recording in a similar compressed 2K video format at some frame rates.



Supports Sony FS700 4K & 2K RAW, high bit-depth HD derived from 4K, recorded as CinemaDNG .dng.


FS700 4K RAW frame rates: 23.98, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94, 4K 440 frame burst mode: 100, 120


FS700 2K RAW frame rates: 23.98, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94, 100, 120, 200*, 240*


NOTE: FS700 4K/2K RAW data is recorded as .DNG files.


FS700 4K RAW to Apple ProRes 422(HQ) / 10-bit / 23.98, 25, 29.97 Future firmware updates will support 4K compressed solutions, other recording options.


NOTE: *2K RAW 200fps and 240fps require two SSDs to simultaneously record.


Recording Format 24p 25p 30p 50p 60p 100p 120p 200p 240p
Sony FS700 4K 50 50 40 24 20        
Sony FS700 2K 202 196 164 96 80 48 40 24 20
Sony FS700 4K2HD 775 774 620            
Sony FS700 4K burst mode (440 frame burst) 
100p = 4.4 second record time 
120p (119.97) = 3.7 second record time      




Adobe is currently working on Cinema DNG support throughout their product suite (Adobe After Effects, Premier, Speed Grade and Photoshop). Therefore, any samples frames may have incorrect colors in Adobe products. You can also view individual frames with Aperture, or with Mac "Preview", or XnView.

Note: The Ver3.0 modification for the FS700 must be done at a Sony Service Center. The price above does not reflect any charges incurred by Sony. Two SSD's are required when shooting 2K Raw at 240fps, therefore the price does reflect the lowest cost investment in media to capture high frame rate.



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