CD 3D-LUT Utility v1.3

Converts .CUBE 3D-LUTs for use with the Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7Q+
Released on:Wedneday, 01 July 2015 18:00
CD LUT Utility (MAC 10.9-10.10 - Java 18) v1.3
CD LUT Utility (MAC 10.6-10.8 - Java 16) v1.3
CD LUT Utility (Windows 7-10) v1.3

CD ProRes/DNxHD Transfer 3.0

This tool combines Odyssey 7Q , 7Q+, or Apollo Mode ProRes .mov Clip files into a single .mov file per track, Optimizes files for playback efficiency on a computer and generates .xml files
Released on: 2016-06-07
CD ProRes/DNxHD Transfer Tool (Mac OS X 10.6-10.8) v3.0
CD ProRes/DNxHD Transfer Tool (Mac OS X 10.9-10.12 ) v3.0
CD ProRes/DNxHD Transfer Tool (PC) v3.0


CD Date Unpacker Utility 3.0

For 1080p59.94/60 10-bit DPX 4:4:4 files only: transfers and converts files recorded on Odyssey7Q from "packed" to "un-packed" format (to make suitable for editing). Later to include 1080p120 10-bit DPX files and all 12-bit DPX files.
Released on: Tuesday, 10 June 2014 18:00
CD Data Unpacker Utility (Windows) v3.0
CD Data Unpacker Utility (MAC - Java 16) 3.0
CD Data Unpacker Utility (MAC - Java 18) v3.0

CD Clip Merger 3.1

Merges matching RAIDed folders (copied onto a local drive) into single folders from RAIDed records (across 2 SSD's) in the Odyssey7Q Recorder.

RAID formats include:

  • ARRIRAW 16:9 48p and above
  • ARRIRAW 4:3 25p and above
  • FS700 Raw 2k 200p / 240p
  • Canon Raw 4k 50p / 60p

Later to include DPX 10-bit 1080p100/ 1080p120.

For PC: Java 32-bit Runtime Environment is required, available here:

Released on: Thursday, 11 September 2014 14:03
CD Clip Merger v3.1 (MAC OSX 10.9-10.10) v3.1
CD Clip Merger (Windows) v3.1
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